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This weekend my nail polish orders finally arrived all at once. I can’t tell you how awesome it was to open up my mail box slot to see it was full of tiny packages full of nail polish :). I haven’t swatched any yet, I’ve been insanely busy with Christmas and my B-day coming up next week. Here is a sneak preview though…

ELF holiday nail polish gift set

ELF holiday nail polish gift set

This will be the first time I’ll be trying ELF (Eyes, Lips, Face) …actually all of these brands I just purchased will be a first for me.  I ordered this holiday gift set by ELF from Target…it was available in stores, but I was lazy and just ordered it online instead. This whole set is priced at $5.00….so $1.00 per bottle is a great buy in my eyes.






Julep (L to R) Stefani, Amy, Anne














About a week ago I purchased a deal off of Groupon for $20 to use on $42 worth of Julep product.  Julep is a bit pricy as each bottle is priced at $14…so with my Groupon deal I purchased Stefani, Amy and Anne averaging to $6.66 per bottles… yay :) awesome deal. However soon after I purchased my Groupon deal I read about a lot of negative Julep experiences other bloggers had in the past. These were mostly referring to Julep’s referral program, but it still made me a little nervous. Once I received my package all worries were gone though. Included with my 3 bottles (which were packaged perfectly) were two free samples of hand cream and a little pot of nail glitter (also free) with instructions. It’s the little free things that make me super happy and excited. So with that, I’m giving Julep two lacquered thumbs up (so far).


Rescue Beauty Lounge

Rescue Beauty Lounge (L to R) Scrangie, Locavore


Rescue Beauty Lounge

Rescue Beauty Lounge: Scrangie and Locavore












Okay, next up is Rescue Beauty Lounge in Scrangie and Locavore. This was my big spender purchase, but I had to have it… and when you’re someone who has their debit card memorized, there’s nothing stopping you at this point. * slightly ashamed*… But look how awesome these shades are! I purchased Scrangie, which is the result from a collaboration between RBL and blogger Scrangie. I also bought Locavore because the glitter combo just looked so pretty and unlike any other glitter I’ve seen. These bottles run $18.00 each…very pricey for me, but hopefully it’s worth it.


So that’s my big bag of goodies … I’m trying to cut myself off from any new purchases, but that probably won’t happen as this was the result of the last time I tried to cut myself off which was about a week ago….


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  1. polish and charms

    What a great haul!
    polish and charms recently posted..Kiss me Here and Shine of the Times!My Profile

    1. Frosso

      Thanks! It makes me so happy lol.

  2. Swatch And Learn

    Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie is DEFINITELY worth the investment – the colour is spectacular, especially in the sunlight.

    Let me know how you like it. I tried it a while back, and the formula on mine wasn’t as smooth as RBLs usually are, but I still really loved the colour. Hope your bottle is from a great batch! :)
    Swatch And Learn recently posted..Nail Art Tutorial: Penguin NailsMy Profile

    1. Frosso

      The first coat was a bit streaky, but once I got to the second coat the application was good. I’ve had better applications, but this is my first RBL so I don’t have any other RBL to compare it to. I love the outcome though, its really pretty..so glad I got it.

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