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Hey Everyone,

When I start off on the wrong foot with a polish it’s really just the beginning of a relationship that never should be. *sigh* Let me start from the beginning.

One of my most anticipated polishes of this season is Orly RIP. As October is creeping up I’ve been getting super anxious. So last weekend on my way to Bath and Body Works to score my free Pumpkin Carving candle I took a slight detour and stopped at Sally’s. I was in a major time crunch so I walked straight to the “new display area” and saw some new Orly Flash Glams and noticed what I thought was RIP. I grabbed it and went straight to the register. I even sent a pic to my friend, and tweeted about what a great start to this day was….WRONG. Only to find out later that night when I finally bothered to turn the bottle over that it WASN’T RIP. The impostor polish was “So Go-Diva” ARRRRGGGHHH!! It wasn’t even a black base! The dark copper glitter in the bottle gave the illusion there was a black tinted base.

Orly So Go-Diva

Orly So Go-Diva


No, I did not bother returning it and I don’t plan on it since I realized I don’t have a glitter thats this dark of a copper in my collection anyways…plus I threw the receipt out to make sure of it :| I’m accepting this like/hate relationship I now have with So Go-Diva. I still scowl at it every time I look at it though, and think about how stupid this stupid polish’s name is. Then I get annoyed and cry even more for RIP.

So that is my sad story on how I came to own this stupid polish stupidly named So Go-Diva. So to make an attempt to accept this impostor polish into my lacquer family I decided to just wear it. Since I was still wearing my previous mani of Revlon Wicked Star I figured I’d just use it as a top coat over this green that I love so much.

What kinda of mani did So Go-Diva give me? Crap…literally poop on my fingernails. Who would have thought green and dark brown would make me think of dog poop? :P It’s kinda obvious now I know…but I was thinking more like “nature-y” colors when looking at them separately.

Here’s my poop…they’re more like poop pellets, but I’m sure you get the picture.


Orly So Go-Diva

Orly So Go-Diva

Orly So Go-Diva

Orly So Go-Diva

Orly So Go-Diva

Orly So Go-Diva


Orly So Go-Diva

Orly So Go-Diva

Orly So Go-Diva
Orly So Go-Diva



This is not the last of So Go-diva you will see on Lacquer Me Silly. I have plans for a different mani that should work out better. Unless it defeats me in that mani too…then just forget it.


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  1. Kelsie

    This post made me giggle straight through, you’re quite the entertaining writer even if you had terrible luck with this polish! :) I look forward to the next time you use it.

    1. Frosso

      Lol thank you! After the pain and aggravation I had to laugh about it too :)

  2. LittleMonsterx14

    LOLi’m sorry for laughing, but it does kinda look like poop pellets. what a sad story :( i hope you find RIP!
    LittleMonsterx14 recently posted..Sephora Nail Bling Black RainbowMy Profile

    1. Frosso

      Haha well at least I did a good interpretation of it! I hope I find RIP too.

  3. My Nail Polish Online

    Lol I hope you find RIP and that you’ll get along with this polish soon :D
    My Nail Polish Online recently posted..Water marbleMy Profile

    1. Frosso

      I hope so too! Maybe if I play nicer with So Go-Diva the polish fairies will lead me to it :)

  4. Koshiba

    I almost did the same thing with So Go-Diva! I went into my Sally’s and got really excited, thinking I’d found it. Then I realized it wasn’t in a Halloween display, flipped it over and…boo. Still waiting for my Sally’s to get in the Halloween collections, hopefully Monday. The copper glitter does seem nice, but you’re right, definitely over a different color!

    1. Frosso

      Hahaha thats so funny! At least you had the sense to turn the bottle over lol.

  5. ahhhdri

    This story cracked me up! Although, I TOTALLY know what you mean by being frustrated with a color… Maybe try it over a brown color, like China Glaze Wagon Trail?
    ahhhdri recently posted..50 Shades of Self PromotionMy Profile

    1. Frosso

      I don’t have that color, but you read my mind I was thinking about a brown or nude color :)

  6. NailsLikeLace

    They’re not THAT poop looking, the glitters I mean. They have sort of a redish/orangey shine to them. Maybe it’d look better over a different base?
    NailsLikeLace recently posted..Matte and Shiny Zebra Print Combo FailMy Profile

    1. Frosso

      Yea, thats what I’m hoping! I like the color of the glitter itself just not with green.

  7. Meredith

    I can’t decide if I like the new FX glitters or not…this one is pretty though!
    Meredith recently posted..DecodedMy Profile

    1. Frosso

      I like only a few of them, they’re pretty over priced though for what they are. I did see Sally’s had some of them on clearance the last time I was there though.

  8. drinkcitra

    Aw that sucks!! :( Well, it doesn’t like TOO bad! I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with it later on :D
    drinkcitra recently posted..31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 14 FlowersMy Profile

    1. Frosso

      Keeping my fingers crossed my next attempt works out.

  9. Nicole

    Hahaha Rabbit Turd Nails!!! Sorry that’s just all I could think about the whole time reading your post. Now that I got that out of my system…. this would look less poopish over another color like you were saying. It’s funny that you’re like really trying to accept it into your polish family.. that cracked me up but I do the same. Although if I don’t like something I will return it. I’m going to return my SH Insta-Dri In A Flurry because it disappointed me. You accept your unruly polish children, I ship em back to their sender. Guess that makes you nicer than me ;) This might look cool over a burnt orange? Maybe. O.O
    Nicole recently posted..Essie Mojito Madness Swatch and ReviewMy Profile

    1. Frosso

      Oh no, In A Flurry was a dud? It looked so cool in the bottle, but I never got it. Back to the orphanage/return bin it goes then huh. You’re so cold…. :P

  10. Shannon

    Huh…maybe if it’s over something else? Trying to help a sister out with some positive vibes.
    Shannon recently posted..The Druids Would Be Proud!My Profile

    1. Frosso

      lol thanks :P

  11. Melissa

    I used this color over Zoya’s “Cheryl” and it looks awesome. The color by Zoya is a deep brownish/bronze with specks of gold & bronze in it. So Go Diva looks amazing over it.

    1. Frosso

      I just googled Cheryl and omg that colors is so pretty! I had already paired it with a bronze Orly color (just haven’t posted it yet) but Cheryl looks gorgeous, I may have to get it either way. Thanks for the suggestion!

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